One of the thinkers I really respect is a find of mine, Dr. Lewis Winkler, who teaches at the East Asia School of Theology in Singapore. Dr. Winkler considers issues biblically, clearly and thoroughly. I appreciate his heart and compassion for people. I read his blog regularly.

I found this post titled Authenticity, Immorality, and Homosexuality: How do I find my “true self”? interesting in light of so much ongoing media coverage on this topic. To give you a taste of his writing, here’s Dr. Winkler’s closing paragraph:

The good news is you can discover your true self. There is a source of authentic humanity, but it comes from outside the self and even outside the universe. And also has a name: the God-man, Jesus Christ. If you want to find out who you really are, only the One who made you can tell you, and only He can make you who you ought to be: a truly authentic and genuinely godly human being.

I invite you to check out these thoughts from Dr. Lewis Winkler, my guest blogger, for the week.