I was reading recently in Matthew chapter 2 about the Wise Men, or as they are also called, the Magi, who seek out the new born Jesus. They left home to pursue their search based on study of the stars and signs. Some folks look to the stars for guidance, as if the patterns of the stars themselves yield wisdom. Others look for the wisdom beyond the stars.

The Magi watched, studied and understand that there was a God who created what they observed. They knew of the prophecy found in Matthew that a ruler would come from Bethlehem. They studied, watched the skies, read books, thought, pondered and then acted on their knowledge. They sought God and found Jesus.

It’s sometime said today that “wise men still follow Jesus.” A good leader thinks on the Lord, ponders the things of the Lord, reads of the Lord and looks to nature for evidence of the Lord. A good leader knows that sometimes you go on a journey to find the Lord. Think, study, act. It takes all three to change the world.