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Month: November 2017

Join us to influence the students of the world!

Dawn and I both value involving more people in missions, which is one reason why I wrote the book GO, Following Jesus to the Ends of the Earth and continue to blog. It’s also why we led a group on the Camino de Santiago this fall. We want to involve many, many more people in this great adventure.

As the year ends, it’s a good time to give to the people and causes that are close to your heart. As you evaluate your contributions, would you consider joining with us by giving to the work we are doing around the world?

You may not know, but on staff with Cru we raise all the necessary funds to cover everything we receive, including salary, health care, retirement benefits and ministry expenses. As we look forward towards 2018 we see needs that will require an increase in our funding, including increased opportunities to open new ministries internationally.

As you would guess, taking advantage of opportunities requires financial resources. Any gift you give helps us pursue our goal of putting the gospel within arm’s reach of students everywhere.

If you are so led, you can make a contribution through this link to CRU.

Thank you for considering our work and have a most Merry Christmas!


Thankful or Discontent?

Are you thankful this year or discontented?

I recently read a blog post from Seth Godin called “The engine of our discontent” (his is one of the few blogs I read regularly). These words struck home as I find that I can lack contentment based on what I see around me. I’ll quote his blog post below for you to read and to think about, and I highlight what is for me the most convicting section.

When TV first was adopted, it was a magical gift. The shows united our culture and the ads fueled a seemingly endless consumer boom.

Today, though, marketers have turned television into an instrument of dissatisfaction. The shows alienate many, because they bring an idealized, expensive world into the homes of people who increasingly can’t afford it. And the ads remind just about everyone that their lives are incomplete and unhappy–unless they buy what’s on offer. Worse, cable news is optimized to shock, frighten and divide the people who watch it.

Social media can amplify all of these downward cycles. It’s TV times 1,000.

Hence a middle class, millions of people who would be as rich as kings in any other time or place, that’s angry and disappointed and feeling left behind. Victims of a media regime where they are both the user and the product.

Every time TV and social media become significant time sinks in a household, pleasure goes up and happiness goes down.

The solution is simple and difficult. We can turn it off. If it’s not getting you what you need or want, turn it off for a few hours.

As we approach Thanksgiving, are you truly thankful for all the Lord’s given you, or are you in a state of discontent? Are you aware of the way media feeds your outlook on life? Of all the weeks of the year, this is a good one for us to take a few extra minutes in quiet, away from our screens, and ponder the goodness of the Lord in your life. Our entire nation has set aside a day to be thankful. Perhaps we should take advantage?

Pilgrims in the Mist

My favorite photo from our 2017 Camino de Santiago journey. Sometimes it’s not clear where we are headed, but pilgrims trust that the trail ahead will lead to the good things of the Lord.

(Thank you Beth Longtine for the amazing pic!)

That’s My King


Check out this short sermon clip by Dr.  S.M. Lockridge (1913-2000). This is my king!

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