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Month: September 2017

Walking the Camino de Santiago

This week Dawn and I and several friends are walking the ancient pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago, or “the way of Saint James.” We’re following signs like the one pictured to the right and enjoying the beauty of northern Spain as we walk the 70 miles to the cathedral in Santiago.

Pilgrims have been following this trail for over 1,000 years. It’s a “thin place” where the spiritual world and the temporal world are somehow closer together. We are excited to make this walk again.

Maybe next year some of you will join us?

Street Bathing in Calcutta

Lots of young men live in poverty and these water stations are their place to bath. Notice the man in the lower left who’s soaped up and ready to rinse.

Notice the tip of my finger in the lower left as well!

9/11 at the Airport

New York City skyline April 2017

I’m flying today, on 9/11, headed to Orlando for Cru leadership meetings*. Since the attacks on New York City on September 11, 2001, I’ve flown several times on this day. It’s always a little eerie and everyone at the airport always seems a bit more serious.

I’m reminded of the many victims from that day. If you would, take a minute and pray with me for their families and friends as they relive a day that is burned in their memories. Pray also for our world, that we could somehow avoid another day such as that one.

* Due to Hurricane Irma, I’m no longer going to Orlando. But my thoughts about 9/11 remain the same.

Labor & Money

Today is Labor Day, the holiday where we rest from our labors and honor those who work for a living. Here’s a couple of things I notice about people who labor. One, some people work harder for their money than others. Two, some people do really important jobs and yet our society pays them much less than they are worth. Others do what are in reality trivial jobs, but get paid massive amounts of money.

It’s easy to see. A great teacher, for example, is of much more value to the long-term health and development of a society than a great entertainer. However, a great entertainer can make 100x the salary of a great teacher in one year. Or how about those who fight our fires and protect our lives, as opposed to CEOs who depend on that basic level of safety to build and to make their companies profitable? Even lousy CEOs tend to be compensated at a much higher rate than excellent firefighters and rescue personnel.

As I read recently in this blog post by Seth Godin, our society does not always match money to contribution. Profitable is not the same as important. Sometimes it is, but often it is not. Think about it – who has influenced you the most profoundly in your life, a great teacher or a great entertainer? For most of us, it’s the contribution of the lowly paid teaching professional that helped set the trajectory of our life.

Today on this Labor Day, let us remember those who work in jobs that serve and promote the common good in our world. This day is for those heroes, regardless of how much money they make this year.

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