In the back of my book, GO – Following Jesus to the Ends of the Earth, I have a section that contains my “manifesto,” which is a fancy word for my guiding life principles. One of them goes like this – As a follower of Jesus, I run my political beliefs through a sieve of scripture and the teachings of Jesus. My politics are subservient to my faith in Jesus.

In the midst of this unbelievably crazy political season, how do you make your political decisions? Do you have a solid basis for casting your vote for national, state and local leaders and issues? The scriptures do not give direct answers to every issue, but they do give insight and wisdom for those who will make the effort to dig in and think and learn and grow.

Give it a try. Take the issues and candidates you care about (or don’t care about) and see how they pass through the grid of scripture. Keep an open mind and ask the Lord for wisdom. You might be surprised at what you discover.