The book of Luke in the New Testament describes to us the thoughtfulness of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Twice, as she learns of the divinity of her son, she “ponders these things in her heart.” I’m certain that you’d do a lot of thinking and wondering if it was looking like your child was actually God in the flesh.

Like Mary, we need to be people who ponder the things of Jesus in our hearts, people who take time to be reflective. I need to make the time and find the right places to ponder. The TV kills pondering. So does the computer and phone. Screens overwhelm pondering, too distracting to eyes and the mind.

Just as I take time to go to the gym, working out in order to stay healthy and productive, I need to make space and time for reflection. It’s best practiced as a daily habit, a time of no screens and distractions. But if that’s not possible it needs be at least a regular habit. Like smoking but much better for you.

The more valuable things of the Lord, things like depth and insight and wisdom come from this practice. These yield hope and expectancy of our future. Make time to ruminate, slow down, think, reflect. Take time to ponder and your thoughts of the Lord will begin to bud and bloom in new and profound ways.