One of the most encouraging books on missions that I have read for several years is this one, A Wind in the House of Islam, by David Garrison. Garrison has done extensive research on movements of Muslims turning toward Jesus over the centuries. Remarkably, this current century has seen more of these types of movements than the previous thirteen centuries combined.

Garrison’s book is filled with stories about Muslims from all over the world, or as he describes it, the nine “rooms” in the house of Islam, each representing a different geographical area where Islam in prevalent. Muslims are moving towards Jesus in every one of these “rooms” and Garrison shares stories from each.

The books closes with Garrison suggesting why God is drawing Muslims to himself today, and he shares ten bridges that God is using. He also shares suggestions for how the Christian world should respond. Especially interesting was his insight that many Muslims are turning to Jesus because they are frustrated and frightened by the violence they see in radical Islam. Jesus, the Prince of Peace and a prophet in Islam, is seen as a better alternative. What follows is that we as Christians need to continue to offer peace towards Muslims in our midst, as opposed to fear.

A Wind in the House of Islam is a great book, especially if you are interested in missions and the Muslim world.