Since today is my birthday (November 30) I thought I’d share a few reflections on the one party we see Jesus attend in the gospels. Not a birthday party, rather a wedding party in a town called Cana. You can read about it in John chapter 2.

I love lots of the details in this story about Jesus’ first public miracle – the turning of water into wine. It’s fabulous that Mary, the mother of Jesus, treats him like all moms treat their sons –  she doesn’t really listen to his objections. I love that Jesus carries out what his mother wants, likely with a smile and a wink.

But what I really love about this story is that only the servants really knew that a miracle had occurred. They filled the pots with water and they drew out and served the wine. God reveals himself to the servant class as opposed to the wealthy. It’s often the case that the poor and the weak glimpse God before others. Just like the shepherds in Bethlehem to whom the angels appeared and announced the birth of the Savior. They met Jesus first, before the kings from the East. Something for us to think about.

And now the servants at Cana get the first glimpse of the divine power of Jesus. They weren’t powerful or well-placed or educated, but they were chosen by God to see, and taste, the miraculous. I bet it was fantastic wine. I wish I had some for my birthday, but chocolate cake will make a nice substitute!