IMG_0208 (1)I picked up The Road to Character, by David Brooks,  because I liked his thoughts when I’ve listened to him on PBS and Meet the Press, and I’ve read some of his stuff in the past. In this book he takes on our current narcissistic culture that he names “The Big Me,” offering a response consisting of deeper values, like kindness, bravery, self-sacrifice, struggle and self-control.

Brooks shares biographical studies from history to bring his points to life. These are interesting, but the reason to buy this book comes in the final chapter where he gives the qualities necessary to live a life of character and thereby maturity and significance.  A more biblically solid list you won’t find elsewhere. It’s like the man has gotten religion. It’s refreshing to see the same values echoed in the book that the wisdom of scripture has brought us for centuries and it’s engaging to see a thinker like Brooks take on the selfie-obsessed world in which we swim daily.