IMG_0201I just finished a book by Timothy Keller, called King’s Cross. It’s subtitled “the story of the world in the life of Jesus,” and it’s essentially a running commentary of the book of Mark. I decided to buy it to enhance my reading through the gospels this summer, part of my plan to read through the gospels four times this year (I’m currently finishing up lap #3).

I am a fan of the way Keller communicates complicated concepts, bringing them down to a place that’s easily understood, even by myself. Like this idea that gave me pause as Keller comments on Mark 3:

The gospel does not say “the good are in and the bad are out,” nor “the open-minded are in and the judgmental are out.” The gospel says the humble are in and the proud are out. (King’s Cross p. 47)

Convicting. As if we need any help when we read the teachings of Jesus to be convicted. If you’re taking on a study of the gospels or Jesus, I’d add this book to your library.