A dozen or so men and women have gathered on a hillside, under the sun. Over the last few weeks they have witnessed a series of events unparalleled in human history. These are the most committed followers of Jesus of Nazareth and they’ve come to this lonely spot to hear him teach.

This would be beyond belief if they weren’t experiencing it themselves, as Jesus was dead on a cross only a few days before. But they’ve seen him alive and spoken to him and touched him. One stuck his hand into the wound on his side. Jesus has eaten with them and reassured them. It’s been a joyous, miraculous celebration of Jesus. However, Jesus says he won’t stay forever and this feels like it may be one of the last times with these, his most faithful disciples. So, what does Jesus tell these faithful followers? What instructions does he leave them with? How does he encourage them to carry on? His directions are quite simple, really. But like all that Jesus taught, in his simplicity lies a depth of profound meaning.

Jesus tells his disciples to GO. He tells them to make more disciples, disciples from all nations (see Matthew 28). He lets them know that his vision is not just local, but it encompasses Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. Picture it. A handful of his followers, mostly uneducated, certainly not powerful or wealthy or well connected. Sitting on a hill at the edge of the empire in a subjugated country. Jesus tells them to go and make disciples of all the nations. What do they do? They GO